Talks and discussions with ranchers and others who care for the land.

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  • A West That Works

    FEATURING: Lesli Allison, Robin Boies, Erik Glenn, Rick Knight, Gail Steiger, Jim Stone.

    "Heard any good news lately?" It often feels as though we are being fed and inordinate amount of discouraging words. Not to fear! Across the West, hundreds of people are working to strengthen ties between ru...

  • Creating Miracles in the Desert

    FEATURING: Luke Barrett, Nycole Burton, Gene Casci, Cammy Evans, Carol Evans, Jon Griggs.

    A true story of how balanced grazing is bringing water and resiliency to a rare desert riparian area, even through drought. In Nevada, the driest state, rancher Jon Griggs says there’s a saying–“whisky’s f...

  • Tales from Cottonwood Ranch

    FEATURING: Agee Smith

    Agee shares stories of his experiences on the family ranch. Fourth-generation Nevada rancher and managing partner of the Cottonwood Ranch in the remote O’Neil Basin, Agee Smith, talks about his family ranch’s evolving approaches and positive experiences. Agee shares photo s...