38th Gathering

38th Gathering

Enjoy this playlist from the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

Poster artwork by Eric Bowman

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38th Gathering
  • His Queen

    Deanna shares a poem about living in a cow camp. Deanna Dickinson McCall recites "His Queen" during the "Ranch Family Show" at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Deanna Dickinson McCall
    Piñon, NM
    Deanna Dickinson McCall writes about both the past and current-day West. C...

  • Along the Western Trail

    Featuring: Dale Burson, Wylie Gustafson, Yvonne Hollenbeck, R.P. Smith, Jessie Veeder.

    Driving the Western Trail was a storied route of long stretches, notorious cow towns, serious weather, and all manner of trouble, from Texas up to the burgeoning northern railways and ranches. As the Trail cut...

  • Joy Harjo + Living Nations, Living Words

    FEATURING: Joy Harjo, nila northsun, Painted Horse, Henry Real Bird, M.L. Smoker.

    A journey celebrating creativity through acknowledgement of the ancestors of poetry and music in the story field of the first Native American U.S. Poet Laureate, Joy Harjo.

    Hosted by Kristin Windbigler

    From the ...

  • Living Nations, Living Words

    FEATURING: nila northsun, Henry Real Bird, M.L. Smoker.

    Three poets from Joy Harjo's "Living Nations, Living Words" project share their work. Contemporary Native poets, nila northsun, Henry Real Bird and M.L. Smoker share “poetry [that] emerges from the soul of a community, the heart and lands o...

  • Ranch Truck Radio

    Featuring: Corb Lund, The Munsick Boys, Dave Stamey

    You might forgive your ranch truck its rough shocks, cracked windows, quirky tailgate, geriatric miles, and depleted A/C…if it’s got a working radio. And, if it’s blasting these goodies, it’ll be your trustiest steed. With the rut-busting tunes...

  • Both Feet on the Ground

    FEATURING: Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Andy Hedges, Ismay, Lara Manzanares.

    Bask in an evening of well-grounded vibrations. Texas folkster Andy Hedges and living legend Ramblin' Jack Elliott may have an eye toward the sky, but their songs land right here on earth. Ismay's music explores the connectio...

  • Sweet Harmonies

    FEATURING: Marley's Ghost, Brigid + Johnny Reedy, Denise Withnell + Keri Lynn Zwicker

    Sharp to sugary, glazed to gumdrop, these groups match harmonic wavelengths to bring you the sweetest sounds this side of the candy counter. From the sonic morsels of rootsy Marley’s Ghost, to the smooth-as-hon...

  • Ranch Family Show

    FEATURING: Deanna Dickinson McCall, Matt Robertson, Gail Steiger, Jessie Veeder.

    Ranching is not a solitary affair. After all you can't have a family ranch without a ranch family. And, in many families, traditions are handed down across generations, as they grow their agricultural work into crea...

  • Songs for a New West

    FEATURING: Margo Cilker, Ismay, Carin Mari

    Three acts share original music from the heart of a new generation. Washinton's wanderer Margo Cilker, Northern California's contemplative Ismay and Colorado's passionate Carin Marin bring fresh sounds to the G Three Theater. It's an adventure and stori...

  • Buffalo Skinners

    Living legend Ramblin' Jack has an eye toward the sky, but this song lands here on earth. Ramblin' Jack Elliott, with Mike Beck and Andy Hedges, performs "Buffalo Skinners" during the "Both Feet on the Ground" show during the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Mike Beck

  • Wild Abandon

    FEATURING: DW Groethe, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Bill Lowman, Sourdough Slim + Robert Armstrong, R.P. Smith.

    Get ready to bust your gut and snort your rip with this handful of poetic humorists. DW Groethe soaks his jokes in wry. Yvonne Hollenbeck stitches her stories with side eyes. Bill Lowman runs ci...

  • Roots & Routes

    FEATURING: Dick Gibford, Annie Mackenzie, Sam Platts + the Plainsmen, Matt Robertson.

    Setting roots and setting routes, the evening reflects on voices we've featured virtually and the real-life paths they're taking to continue on tradition's road into the future. Join dayworkin' cowboy and smoki...

  • Dining Out

    Yvonne recounts a "romantic" dinner with her rancher husband. Yvonne Hollenbeck recites "Dining Out" during the "Back in Elko Town" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Yvonne Hollenbeck
    Clearfield, SD
    Yvonne Hollenbeck is a South Dakota cattleman’s wife who write...

  • If You Were a Cowboy

    Jessie premieres a song about the merits of being with a cowboy. Jessie Veeder performs "If You Were a Cowboy" during the "Back in Elko Town" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Jessie Veeder
    Watford City, ND
    Jessie Veeder writes and sings about the Badlands of w...

  • Highlights of the Open Mic

    FEATURING: Floyd Beard, John Doran, Meghan Doran, Sariah Knight, Larry Maurice, Philip Page.

    For the second year, the G Three stage hosts a handful of poets and musicians who have graced the open mic stages during the week. Selected by audience feedback, these wordslingers and tunesmiths--amateu...

  • Tall Grass Lonesome

    Patricia memorializes Rodney Nelson. Patricia Frolander shares "Tall Grass Lonesome, in Memory of Rod Nelson" during the "Back in Elko Town" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

    Patricia Frolander
    Sundance, WY
    Patricia Frolander, Wyoming's fifth Poet Laureate, live...

  • Back in Elko Town

    Patricia Frolander, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Jessie Veeder.

    As self-proclaimed "ranch wives," Wyoming wordsmith Patricia Frolander, and South Dakotan verse-spinner Yvonne Hollenbeck are no strangers to a challenge. Nor is North Dakotan singer-songwriter Jessie Veeder -- she doesn't just sin...

  • A West That Works

    FEATURING: Lesli Allison, Robin Boies, Erik Glenn, Rick Knight, Gail Steiger, Jim Stone.

    "Heard any good news lately?" It often feels as though we are being fed and inordinate amount of discouraging words. Not to fear! Across the West, hundreds of people are working to strengthen ties between ru...

  • Horse Tails

    Featuring: Mike Beck with Flapjack, Juni Fisher, Dick Gibford, Gail Steiger.

    There's just something about horses. And the rhyming, singing caballeros and caballeras that they inspire. Mike Beck wields skill with horses off-stage and songs on-stage, fronting with his new folk rock band Flapjack. ...

  • Wish Upon a Western Star

    FEATURING: Margo Cilker, Michael Martin Murphey, Dave Stamey.

    These singer-songwriters share old and new songs of the West. Three artists share the stories and life that inspired their songs. Margo Cilker shares her experiences from the West Coast, Michael Martin Murphey tells tales from his chi...

  • The Little Red Geranium

    Yvonne explains why geraniums, like love, are best shared. Yvonne Hollenbeck recites "The Little Red Geranium" during the "Back in Elko Town" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Yvonne Hollenbeck
    Clearfield, SD
    Yvonne Hollenbeck is a South Dakota cattleman’s wif...