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Watch this video and more on Western Folklife TV

Aint Been Tamed Yet

35th Gathering • 3m 3s

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  • A Consternation of Critters

    FEATURING: Maria Lisa Eastman, Dick Gibford, DW Groethe, Brenn Hill, Joel Nelson.

    A cowboy's life is all about critters. Four-legged, six-legged, even eight-legged (for all your arachnophobes out there) and they're all out to get ya and show you who's really in charge. Ride along with us as poet...

  • The Western Trail

    FEATURING: Andy Hedges, Waddie Mitchell, Michael Martin Murphey.

    You know of the Ol' Chisholm Trail, but do you know of the younger, longer, parallel trail that was the backdrop for the epic "Lonesome Dove?" At the tailend of the cattle drive era, herds drove up The "Great" Western Trail from Te...

  • Blood, Sweat, and Steers

    Sage advice from our pard Waddie, "It ain't always smart to offer aid to situations you ain't made." Waddie Mitchell recites, "Blood, Sweat, and Steers" during the "Laugh Kills Lonesome" show at the 35th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Waddie Mitchell
    Twin Bridges, NV
    Waddie ...