Highlights of the First Gathering

Highlights of the First Gathering

3 Episodes

In 1985, KIVI TV in Idaho showed up to film the very first Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, and we are so grateful for this precious documentation of the event. You can feel the nerves as some poets debut their work on stage for the very first time. All these years later, the footage is a fascinating time capsule of the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering's humble beginnings.

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Highlights of the First Gathering
  • The First Gathering, Part 1-Horse Sense, Baxter Black, Gwen Petersen

    Episode 1

    FEATURING: Baxter Black, Gwen Petersen, Horse Sense.

    A few poetic and musical highlights from mainstage shows at the very first Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Kicking things off is musical duo, Horse Sense, who traveled to northeastern Nevada to bring their old-time cowboy song repertoire to Elko Coun...

  • The First Gathering, Part 2-Ian Tyson

    Episode 2

    FEATURING: Ian Tyson.

    Even before he became a household name as a cowboy music star, Ian graced our stages in Elko. When Canadian singer-songwriter Ian Tyson made the trip to Elko in 1985 his satchel was stuffed with original and favorite western songs. In 1983, he put out Old Corrals and Sagebr...

  • The First Gathering, Part 3-Bill Simpson, Bob Schild, Owen Barton, Steve Siporin

    Episode 3

    FEATURING: Owen Barton, Hal Cannon, Bob Schild, Bill Simpson, Steve Siporin.

    A soulful taste of the experience of the first Cowboy Poetry Gathering, in the reflections and poetry of Bill Simpson, Bob Schild, Owen Barton, and others.

    First to the mic is natural storyteller Bill Simpson who cho...