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  • Georgie, Pat, Jess, and Elizabeth: Classic Poems + Tales

    FEATURING: DW Groethe, Brenn Hill, Yvonne Hollenbeck, Rodney Nelson, Dave Stamey.

    Remembering Georgie Sicking, Pat Richardson, Jess Howard and Elizabeth Ebert through poetry, stories and song. Poets DW Groethe, Yvonne Hollenbeck + Rodney Nelson share the stage with singer/songwriters Brenn Hill ...

  • Close the Gate Behind You

    FEATURING: Maria Lisa Eastman, Dick Gibford, Dave Stamey.

    Poets Dick Gibford and Maria Lisa Eastman join singer/songwriter Dave Stamey onstage to entertain and educate. They will take you on a journey through time and place on foot and horseback. Always remember to close the gate behind you.


  • 39th Gathering Featured Artists

    33 items

    Enjoy this collection of performances by the invited performers for the 39th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering, January 29 - February 3, 2024.

    "Blue Skies and Good Horses" by Teal Blake

  • Poetry, Song, and Beyond

    FEATURING: Waddie Mitchell, Michael Martin Murphey + the Rio Grande Band, Corb Lund.

    What happens when you combine a talented Texan, an accomplished Albertan and a novel Nevadan on stage? A stellar show you don't want to miss. Michael Martin Murphey + the Rio Grande Band's cosmic cowboy sound wi...

  • Laughter–It's What's for Dinner

    FEATURING: Chris Isaacs, Jake Riley, Kent Rollins, Sourdough Slim + Robert Armstrong.

    No matter who you are, or what you do, chances are your favorite shows have one thing in common–laughter. Bring your insatiable hunger for a good joke and a slick story. The perfectly-seared comedy of Arizona'...

  • Blazing Trails

    FEATURING: An American Forrest, Cat Clifford, Dylan Clough.

    This is a show so full of musical grit, the grains will be stuck in your ears for weeks (metaphorically, of course). Forrest VanTuyl spends his summers with a pack string in Eastern Oregon and his winters unpacking poetic Western music ...

  • Rosin the Bow

    Featuring: Kristyn Harris, Hot Club of Cowtown, The Quebe Sisters

    Rosin up the bow and watch the strings fly. These three female-fronted acts put the swing in western music. Kristyn Harris handles all the tricky syncopations with her guitar. Hot Club of Cowtown whizzes along with frontwoman Elan...

  • Jugs

    R.P. explains that some "ranchy" terms can easily be misunderstood. R.P. Smith recites "Jugs" during the "Wild Abandon" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    R.P. Smith
    Broken Bow, NE
    R.P. Smith is a fourth-generation rancher from Broken Bow, Nebraska. In the ranch...

  • Pulling the Caking Truck Blues

    In Yvonne's years as a ranch wife, she has learned that helping hubby can be a chore. Yvonne Hollenbeck recites "Pulling the Caking Truck Blues" during the "Wild Abandon" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.


    Yvonne Hollenbeck
    Clearfield, SD
    Yvonne Hollenbeck is a ...

  • Barbed Wire

    Margo sings for all of us who have fought barbed wire. Margo Cilker performs "Barbed Wire" during the "Wish Upon a Western Star" show at the 38th National Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

    Margo Cilker
    Goldendale, WA
    Originally from California, singer-songwriter Margo Cilker has spent th...